The Next Generation Of Entreprenuers 

We help young entrepreneurs make their dreams a reality

What is a Next Gen Student?

Next Gen works to activate the entrepreneurial mindset in young people. We begin by igniting the imagination and leading students through the journey of creating and refining an original business concept. Students are guided by a certified teacher and supported by entrepreneurs and successful business mentors.

Students participate in Next Gen business plan competition series where they present their ideas to esteemed judges. Students earn recognition for the skills and concepts they are mastering, ultimately having the opportunity to earn the first-ever, industry-recognized credential to certify entrepreneurial mindsets and startup skills.

Empowering the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs Together


“Because of NextGen, I was able to kickoff my company, (Legens by Jamar). It was their curriculum and their funding that really pushed me into entrepreneurship and what I’m doing today.”

– Jamar Young



Next Gen Business Launch Champion Jamar Martin is on his way! 

Become a Next Gen Student!

Start by checking to see if there is a NextGen classroom in your community. If there is, reach out to the teacher to find out how you can join! If there are none available, tell your teacher or principal about Next Gen! Share our Educators web page with them and encourage them to connect with us.

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