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If there is a Next Gen classroom in your school or community, reach out to the teacher and find out how you can learn more! If there are no classrooms avalible, talk to your administrator about Next Gen!

Becoming a certified teacher with Next Gen means you are joining an amazing support group with goals to change students’ lives by activating the entrepreneurial mindset, uniquely preparing students for their futures in an innovative world. Members of this NFTE Teachers Corps use project-based activities and blended learning to make an engaging, hands-on classroom experience.

Next Gen’s team can work with you to design a curriculum that fits your students’ needs.

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Empowering the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs Together

“I’m very excited about the opportunity to help students become passionate about entrepreneurship, these programs challenge their interest and expand their minds for a better future.”

4 Ways you can help your community

You want to create opportunities for young entrepreneurs


This out-of-school program delivers NFTE’s award winning Owning Your Future course. The course develops a student’s Entrepreneurial Mindset while they learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship by creating and pitching their original business plans.

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Operation Mindset

Operation Mindset is an engaging learning experience designed to encourage students to think and behave in a unique way that entrepreneurs approach their work, with an Entrepreneurial Mindset. Research suggests that Entrepreneurial Mindset is not a fixed trait, but rather a set of skills and behaviors that can be taught, practiced, and cultivated.

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Owning Your Future Classrooms

This intermediate entrepreneurship course teaches the entrepreneurial mindset, innovation, self-reliance, and comfort with risk, alongside traditional startup skills like market research, supply and demand, and expense management.

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Startup Tech

Startup Tech blends learning technology and entrepreneurship into a course that challenges students to identify ways to improve their community and to build marketable digital solutions.

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